Get Ready to Say “I DO”: Heartfelt Wedding Trends of 2024

2024 Wedding trends

Lovebirds and wedding enthusiasts, get ready to say 'I do' to the latest and most heartfelt trends of 2024! As we step into this exciting new year, comes new ways to make your wedding day that much more special.Whether you're a bride-to-be, a devoted wedding planner, or simply a hopeless romantic dreaming of your big day, come with us and discover the perfect inspiration to make your celebration unforgettable!

Personalized Embroidery Touches 


Credit: @LookLikeAnAngel,

Incorporating embroidery into your wedding adds a unique and heartfelt touch to your special day. Whether it's you and your partners initials woven into the hem of a gown or a cherished quote stitched onto a handkerchief, personalized embroidery captures your love story in every stitch.

Motion Capture Cinematic Film Photos 

Film Wedding Photos Cinematic Film Wedding Photos Romantic Film Wedding Photos

Credit: Pintrest, Pintrest, @thecoordinationcompany

Capturing real life moments is a way to capture the raw beauty of the big day. With photographing dynamic movements displays all the laughter, tears, and joy of your most cherished memories. 

Romantic Neon Signs

Wedding Backdrop Neon Sign Last Name Neon Sign

Credit: @mariahandersonphoto

Illuminating with a personalized custom neon sign for your wedding day is the perfect touch of charm and character. It's such a fun way to incorporate personality and create a romantic ambiance. However, look no further in trying to search for the perfect neon wedding sign, DearHeartSigns can help you create the dreamiest personalized sign for your special day!

Mindful Unplugged Wedding 

Unplugged Wedding Sign

Photography: @alyssamarieevansphoto

Adding an unplugged wedding ceremony encourages a deeper connection and intimacy among your guests by having them be fully present in the moment. By politely requesting that guests refrain from using their devices, you create a serene atmosphere where everyone can focus on the love and commitment being celebrated. What better way to let your guest know than putting a mindful sign that matches your wedding aesthetic. DearHeartSigns can help you design and create the ideal unplugged sign keeping the intimacy present within your ceremony!

Vintage Monochromatic Cake 

Vintage Heart Wedding Cake Vintage Layered Wedding Cake

Credit: @madelinerosephoto, @lilacakeshop

2024’s sweetest trend is the mono chromatin vintage cake. The simplicity of the cake adds the nostalgia needed for your wedding day. 

Newspaper Love Stories 

Wedding Newspaper Wedding Newspaper Save the Date

Credit: @gingerosesmith, @TheBrodieBride

What better way to share your love story than with a romantic love newspaper love story. Share the moments throughout your love story with your guest. From your first date to you and your spouse's new favorite restaurant displays the perfect intimate feel. 

So Will You Say "I Do"? 

Wedding Ring Film Photography 


As we go through this journey through the heartfelt wedding trends of 2024, we hope you find inspiration and joy in every detail of your special day. Remember, here at DearHeartSigns we center what we do in the love you share and the memories you create.

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