7 Nursery Decor Items & Where To Buy Them!

I'm so excited to share some of my favorite baby items in this blog!

Truth is, I'm a little obsessed with Nurseries and expecting mamas!

I love seeing your nursery room come to life with all the amazing personalized touches you add to welcome your little one. 

So in honor of that, I wanted to share these amazing baby and nursery items you absolutely need...Ok maybe not necessarily need, but they are so stinking cute that you might feel it's a total necessity. 



 The best part? These baby items all come from amazing small businesses who passionately vouch for mamas and their babies. 

At last, here's my top 7 nursery decor items and where to buy them! 


1. Baby Bows! 

handmade baby headbands 

These baby bows are handmade and a gorgeous accessory for your new baby! @siahsgoods is run by a mama herself who passionately hand makes baby items along with gorgeous hair goods for fellow mamas!
Shop her bows here!

2. Macrame Plant Hanger 

macrame plant hanger nursery decor
Macrame really brings a room together, specially if you're going for that boho look. These macrame plant hangers from @crystallyndesigns are the perfect addition to build the boho nursery of your dreams!
Shop the macrame plant hangers here!

3. Ultrasound Keepsake

4D Ultrasound keepsake

It's no denying that seeing your baby for the first time is unforgettable. So many emotions intertwined into one and all you know in that moment is that you'll never love anyone like you love your baby. 

Ultrasounds hold such beautiful memories and these ultrasound keepsakes by @aliwoodcreations are an amazing way to remember them forever!

Shop these ultrasound keepsakes for your nursery here!


4. Changing basket 

Boho Nursery Changing Table
This beautiful natural changing basket from @shoplovedua makes the perfect addition to your baby's nursery room! The light wooden colors make it so easy to match with your nursery decor, specially if you're going for that light and airy boho look. 
Shop the changing table here!

5. Wooden shelves

nursery decor wooden shelves

These wooden shelves from @noble.woodco are the cutest addition to any nursery room. Wether it's for utility or decoration, these are a total must have to spruce up your nursery. I mean just look how cute it is?!
Shop the wooden shelves here! 

6. Baby Swaddles

baby swaddles
Baby swaddles are a total necessity for expecting mamas and these swaddles from  @mebie.baby are no exception. These buttery soft swaddles will become your baby's new favorite blanket, and the colors are absolutely gorgeous.
Just look at how cute they look in them?! 
Shop the baby swaddles here!

7. Custom Name Sign 

boho nursery decor with customized baby name sign

The last item has got to be my favorite, but I might be a little biased!
Our custom baby name signs  really help bring your nursery room together, adding that personalized touch to seal in all the love.
We've had the honor of shipping thousands of custom name signs and each time we create new one we are filled with joy!
Knowing that these are for a little one that is joyfully being expected is so special to us! 
Shop our baby name signs (and all our custom nursery decor) here!
I hope you loved these nursery items from some of my favorite small businesses! 

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