15 Unforgettable 2024 Valentine's Date Ideas: From Orange County to Your Home

15 Unforgettable Valentine's Date Ideas for 2024

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and here at Dear Heart Signs, we've put together a list of 15 unforgettable date ideas perfect for you and your sweetheart. Whether you love staying in, seeking adventures, enjoying good food, or a bit of everything, this list has something special for every DHS couple! From our friends and neighbors in Orange County to our friends all over the country, we've mixed in some of our favorite local spots right here in the OC. But no worries if you're not from around here; each idea is totally doable wherever you are. Ready to spark some romance with your love? Read on for all the details!

For Our Cozy Homebodies

Movie Night Date Idea

credit: @feelathom

1. A Classic Movie Night

Nothing says cozy like cuddling up next to your love and watching your favorite movie (or show) together! After a sweet cande-lit dinner, create a cozy blanket fort, bring out a projector, and add some homemade treats. Let's amp up the romance by slipping into a cute, but cozy Valentine's Day outfit, light up some candles, and bring out the chocolate!

What to watch? Anything you both love! We are currently obsessing over the new k-drama Marry My Husband, and Pride & Prejudice (the series & the movie!) all available on Prime Video.

 2. Cooking or Baking Together

credit: wheresmollie.com@dashofmandi, @shineyourlight

2. Cooking or Baking Together

Try making a heart-shaped pizza together or start your day with a Valentine's themed breakfast, featuring heart-shaped pancakes and eggs, yum! What makes this the perfect date? Aside from getting to eat delicious food, cooking together is all about the fun you have along the way.


3. At Home Spa Day

credit: Pinterest, Blumigo, @hillcitybrideweddingblog

3. At-Home Spa Day

Turn your home into a spa with homemade facials, bubble baths, and relaxing massages. If you think about it, combine all date ideas on this Homebody section for the ultimate cozy Valentine's Day Date! ahhhh, don't you feel relaxed already? 

 Craft Night

credit: Pinterest

4. Have a DIY Craft Night.

Choose a craft or DIY project, like making candles or building a photo album of your favorite memories together. Take it from us at Dear Heart Signs, crafting is our love language! What sweeter way to express your love and spend some quality time together? 


For our Adventurous Couples

Hike or Nature Walk Date

credit: @thatocgirllinandjirsablog.com

5. Hiking or Nature Walk

If your sweetheart is a Lizzy (from Pride & Prejudice, duh) who is fond of walking, then what better way to share your love than to spend the day exploring nature together? Explore scenic trails like Top of the World in Laguna Beach. Complete your date and stop by your favorite brunch spot! 

Stargazing Date Night

6. Stargazing

Drive out to a secluded spot away from city lights, lay out a blanket, and gaze at the stars. Use a stargazing app to identify constellations. If you are a local, you can have your own La La Land adventure and make it a date at the Griffith Observatory to watch the city night sky.


Sunrise or Sunset Date
credit: pinterestpinterest

7. Sunrise or Sunset Viewing

Drive out to your favorite hill or beach for a scenic sunrise or sunset date. Victoria Beach's Pirate Tower in Laguna offers a breathtaking spot for watching the sunrise or sunset, and is also a gorgeous spot for a surprise proposal! 


Scavenger Hunt

8. Scavenger Hunt

Get creative and set up a personalized scavenger hunt in a local park or city, with clues leading to places that are meaningful to your relationship! A super cute way to build up some momentum as each clue is uncovered leading to a romantic dinner! Ugh, gushing already! 


Disneyland Date

9. A Magical Disneyland Date

Whether you are a local or looking for a destination spot, you can never go wrong with a date at The Happiest Place on Earth! Add some magic to your Valentine's Day and treat your love to some sweet treats, hop on your favorite ride (Thunder Road will forever be our fave!), and cuddle up in front of the castle to watch a magical firework show!

Dance Lessons Date Night

credit: pinterest, pinterest@cg

10. Local Dance Class

Taking a dance class together can be a fun and intimate way to connect! Feeling adventurous? Turn up the heat with some Salsa dance lessons at your local studio. 


For Our Foodies

Dine around the world
credit: pinterest

11. Dine Around the World at Home

How does the saying go? Full tummy, full heart? If the way to your sweetheart's love language is FOOD, then this one is for you. Cook or order dishes from different countries to enjoy a travel-themed dining experience right from your dining table! 


Picnic Date

12. Romantic Picnic

Looking for a laid-back experience that involves some treats? Pack a basket with gourmet goodies like artisan cheeses, charcuterie, fresh fruits, and a bottle of champagne, and head to a local park. For those in Orange County, two of our personal favorite parks are Irvine Regional Park or Craig Regional Park. Beautiful, and secluded. In search of a beach view? head on over to Corona Del Mar for the perfect picnic with a view.

Food Truck Date Night

credit: pinterest

13. Food Truck Hopping

Doubling down as an adventure and foodie experience, head into the city to check out popular food trucks! Have fun and pretend you are both Keith Lee for the night and document your first impressions and food ratings! 

How to find food trucks near you? We love a Tiktok Search! Simply search (your city) + Food Trucks. 

Cooking Class Date Night

credit: pinterest, @threeregionphotography

14. Take a Cooking Class together.

You both love to eat, but don't know how to cook? Easy fix! Have an unforgettable night together learning how to cook a new recipe. Hop on Yelp to find a local class for couples near you or sign up for a virtual class from the comfort of your home! 

For Every Couple

First Date

credit: pinterest, @rachelnphotography.com

15. Visit Memory Lane

Last but not least, for the ultimate sweet romance experience, what better way to say "I love you" than to recreate your first date or visit places that are significant to your relationship, reflecting on your journey together. A dose of nostalgia? Absolutely yes, please!

That's all for now!

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